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JAX-RS application manager

JAX-RS application manager can be used to track JAX-RS application/resource/provider changes in OSGi environment. OSGi components are exposed automatically by JAX-RS application manager as RESTful web services. Application path is defined by OSGi service property (applicationPath) or annotation. A default CXF service is created automatically in Apache Karaf environment and all JAX-RS application are registered in it (see: RuntimeDelegate.getInstance()).

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Solr OSGi

The goal of this project  is to be able to run Apache Solr in OSGi environment and bring the OSGi dynamic lifecycle to the Solr world.

There is no all of the Solr features supported yet, clustering and sharding haven’t been tested. In theory every piece of feature can be implemented in the future. Cellar based SolCloud implementation is planned. Now only configSet based cores can be used.

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