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Meet the story of a custom software company which created a development framework for internal use and realized its significance later.

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History is written by the victors

There is always a solid programming framework behind a successful custom software company. Judo was originally created by our parent company, BlackBelt Technology, as a developer tool for the in-house team and for 4 years it has fulfilled this role very well. We really fell in love with low code and especially with our low code platform Judo. 'So, why not to release it as a standalone product?' - we were asking each other. And now, we made the decision: Judo is going to be a real product for the Java community. When? By the end of 2020, according to our plan. In the meantime we wanted to inform the Java community first and ask you to follow our project.

András Wolf, CEO

The man who means business

Gábor Privitzky, CTO

The mind behind JUDO, head of the R&D team

Róbert Csákány aka Rob, JUDO run-time architect

The most extroverted developer on Earth

József Börcsök aka Joe, JUDO architect

The authority on meta-modelling

Ferenc Kovács, JUDO architect

The master of XText

Adrienn Miklósvári, CMO

Constantly on the lookout for client needs

Claudia Kecskés, art director

Creates all the beauty around JUDO

Kristóf Oláh, project manager

The chief of JUDO-based client projects

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